Saturday, February 23, 2008

finally, i get a hold of this page. ive been trying few times to browse certain webpages but my efforts were bitter. my internet connection is so poor i dont even had the time to check my email *sigh* i will complain about this, for sure. anyway, we both have been absent for a couple of days due to our health problems but im back. my sist is in a lot of pain after such tragic twisted ankle tragedy last thursday. she couldnt hold back her tears after a while. well, it was my turn to cry in silence as the day after, my absolutely menace dentist did something to "fix" my teeth. been having a trouble to eat, so i must be really careful with my teeth right now. it isnt nice to see in the mirror and looking back at you is someone with a different look in her face. my neighbour is making a lot of noise and im so sick listening to the wicked thumping sounds. i wonder what do i have to do with those kids? give them enough pills so they can shut down for a while.

perhaps, next time i need to install some kind of device that can track down my sist movement at all times. she tend to fall off and no one can understand why. hopefully, she can learn a lesson from her awkward "ankle drama" last thursday. but who knows what will happen. fireworks are blaring my hearing but im okay with them. its nice to see something colorful today as i wasnt able to go anywhere today. there was good news but im still flattened by the whole scenario last fall. i was frustrated and nearly gave up any fruitful hope. if it hadnt been for my family i would have certainly left with no marks. i hope everything will work out fine.

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