Wednesday, March 26, 2008

although he hasnt done well with arsenal, which currently sit 6 points adrift from the league leaders man utd, arsene wenger has always have something good to say about becks. if you have read my entries few months back, you would have noticed that i have explained why wenger wanted becks to be part of his team. his total dedication and professionalism impresses wenger in so many ways. some people might think that capellos gesture to include becks in the squad as a decent farewell for the 32 yrs old player. at the age of 32, he cannot possibly asking for a permanent start esp when younger players emerging from nowhere. there was one person saying that england wouldnt win a thing unless leaving out useless player like david beckham. well my friend, in case you havent noticed A LOT of england players are useless. look at their EURO qualifier match against croatia. so called the great steven gerrard, has failed to impress and lead his teammates to a victory. was it becks fault england didnt qualify to EURO 08? certainly it wasnt. englands fate doesnt count on one player but the whole team and that includes the coach himself and his staffs. theres a suggestion that once becks obtained his 100th cap, he will be forgotten. o yeah i am able to visualize this situation as it happened before. nevertheless, we all have to be patient to see capellos plan for the squad is actually work and will it bring in some influential wins over big teams. patient my friends.....

Wenger: Beckham was mad, incredible at Arsenal - March 25, 2008 

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has hailed the professionalism and commitment of David Beckham during his training stint with the club.

Of the LA Galaxy star, Wenger told the Daily Mail: "When he was with us, he set an incredible example. He worked and trained like a madman.

"He arrived first in the morning and was last to leave. If I had thought that for a moment he was going to come to us and play the 'big I am' then I never would have allowed him to join my group of players.

"But he was extremely discreet and was the model professional in fact.

"He just brought pleasure to everybody and everybody at Arsenal benefited from him being with us."

Wenger is expected to be in Paris tomorrow night to watch Beckham join the likes of Peter Shilton and Sir Bobby Charlton as an English centurion.

The Arsenal boss added: "It is a great happiness for me personally to see him do this as I have always appreciated the nice side of David Beckham.

"For me it was natural to welcome him to London Colney to train with us. I thought it would help the whole group of us and give us a boost and it did.

"I had already watched him with the national team when they had used Colney to train and I could tell from that how much he loved his football.

"After training had finished he would stay out there and he and Paul Scholes would just hit long balls and passes to each other for half an hour.

"He never once has given me the impression of being a spoiled child.

"For me he has always looked like somebody who plays football from the heart."

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