Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ive found something good to include for my first post in the early afternoon. anyway, ive been waiting for quite sometime to have someone speak out about cesc fabregas contribution in his team, arsenal. yesterday, kaka spoke about cesc resemblance to andrea pirlo and his future in football. hes only 20 and has played more than any player older than him. im hoping to see cesc playing for spain and gain a starting place. but i guess its too soon....

Kaka: Cesc Can Be A Modern Great

After watching helplessly as his side were jettisoned by Arsenal in the Champions League, Milan's Kaka' singled out one of Wenger's most important players for praise and admiration.

Cesc Fabregas, who has accrued genuine critical recognition for his deliberate and elegant performances, caught the eye of the FIFA World Player of the Year and is, in Kaka's opinion, what every modern footballer should aspire to.

As well as being the metronome in Arsenal's midfield, Cesc is also adept at making those around him play as he wishes, controlling matches, and this ability has not been lost on Kaka.

"He (Fabregas) is a great player for the future," said the Brazilian. "He's an amazing talent because of how he plays and how he controls how others play.

"He's always moving. He's the prototype of the modern footballer because he is aware of everything that his happening on the pitch."

Showing a composure and maturity that belies his tender 20 years, Fabregas, in the eyes of Kaka, can emulate one of the Milan star's more decorated and distinguished team mates.

Andrea Pirlo, the Italian World Cup winning playmaker displays similar panache and patience in his play to the Spaniard. Kaka' stated: "In some ways, he reminds me of Pirlo."

In terms of ability and vision, the two players certainly have semblence; and if Fabregas wishes to surpass the Milan midfielder and develop in to the player that Kaka' believes he can be, continental and international honours will need to be won. There are two major ones on offer over the coming months.

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