Sunday, March 23, 2008

be nice to other people on your way up, 
coz you will meet them on your way down

i forgot who said this but surely this kinda fit my position right now, somehow *head on collision* once again be the theme song. some people when they're down they tend to over-reacted and always want to be close to you so you can transfix your psychic power to help them going through certain phase which is not easy. 

when they're done and feeling overwhelmed with their new lives, they always forget to call you or to even say hi. i'm not sensitive or even feeling gutted by their whereabouts, i'm used to feel letdown by their choices over my advices. i'm just wondering will they ever know that i'm human and i can't escape that i have feelings too.

i don't regret every nice treatment i did for them i just feel sad for myself, for being too open and let them come inside of me and break my heart when they're finished with their lame feelings. it's sad when people are using you when you don't even realize they are sucking your power from your heart and soul.

although i haven't said anything to them thus i've been trying to have more patience inside of me but i also can't say that i'm ok when my heart's being at stake. i hope this is just my emo side so when i wake up next few days, i'll find my strength to go forward with or without them with heart or even heartless once again. 


i don't expect you to read this, all of you. maybe when life strikes foolishly my shadow will come by your brain and you'll think of me. some people when happiness comes they tend to forget people who are significant to them. was i important? was i just a shadow or was i real to your eyes? i don't hate you i hate myself for being emotional for something nitty gritty like this.

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