Sunday, March 23, 2008


i don't want to feel sad
i don't want to feel hollow
i don't want to hide more tears
i don't want to have sorrow in silence

go away miseries
go away rainy days
go away bitter pills
go away sleepless nights

take my doubts
take my wounded heart
i'd rather be heartless
than having one but never whole

who'd want to fall into the same trap
at least i don't want to
the more you try to please
the more i feel displeased

patience, please stay
disguise, please go
if you don't intend to stay
coz i never invited you here

they're happy now
why can't i smile too
they're whole now
why i feel empty now

don't make me cry 
don't make me that i ain't
maybe we need some space
i'll never search for you if you don't want me like i want you

i've been in your place
and i know more than your brain knows
we'll see whose smile will last
we'll see how this will end

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