Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i love songs by coco or known as colbie caillat, most of her songs matched my mood. sorry if there's some spelling error coz it's very late at night here and i'm sleepy ready to be tucked in hohoho she reminds me a lot like vanessa carlton dunno which part..maybe it's de ja vu

take time to realize i'm on your side didn't i tell you? but i can't spell it out for you no it's not gonna be that simple. if you just realize what i just realized then we'd be perfect for each other and we'll never find another. if you just realize what i just realized  we never have to wonder if we miss out on each other but it's not the same no, it's never the same if you don't feel it too if you meet me halfway it could be the same for you.

eisleyian *final last call to admit defeat*. losing is a way to rediscover yourself, losing is better than winning coz next time,  you've got nothing too lose when you're challenging the winner. holding on to the crown is harder than taking it away coz there's always more chances on losing than to retain it.

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