Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a mix of bowl

i came across an article yesterday which mentioned *patience and sincerity*. it has become a trend lately the words patience and sincerity because the movie that was watched by millions of people. long before everyone knew the words from a novel, my mom has taught me about patience and sincerity. it's a really warm feeling inside of me, the voices that always told me to have more patience and be sincere in everything that i do. 

i've been trying to be more patient and sincere in everything that i do or feel coz trust me it's never easy, you need to have the biggest heart to always be patient when things are harder than hating yourself  *accepting the fact that you're losing your grip but you can't let your anger loose*. i'm still in a process to become a better human being *pray for me* maybe i'll get the best MAN, the best life anyone can get, and the best time with my lovely family! *amiiien*

wealth is never on top of my list. it's the littlest thing that melts my heart. laughters, a smile that can make me nervous but happy at the same time, cheap flower that smells good, good indie music, patience, sincerity, good poet, good people with good intentions. as long as i'm happy and i'm satisfied with my choices (including my parents' happiness), i don't really care about wealthy doodes. i think i have come into a place where wealth can't buy me happiness.

i love living life with the ups and downs in it..grateful and feeling blessed to have the chance to live healthy and loved by lovely people. i should be more grateful coz maybe i have more than other people deserve in their twice-lived lives. alhamdulillah, God's blessing me all the time yaaay! ok, it's over-rated i've been saying this all the time but it's no lie coz i really2 am GRATEFUL and feeling BLESSED. thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

i love to see other people's smile on their faces, it amaze me how their smile could light up my day. i know my journey is still far away and never say never coz i might change my views in the future. in the mean time, i believe only God can guarantee the best for me no one can take His place in my heart. i'll try my best to be humble and be among good people with good hearts inside, i'll have to try harder to accept hard facts in life. X)

me and you against the world now babesiie!! hopefully it's no longer stupid premonition! i want it to hapen noooow!!!!!haha have more patience should i? dear God, please give me the sinner more patience and sinceritieeeeees!!!

harharhar. loove ya. peace out.


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