Monday, March 24, 2008

Not Even.

he proposed.
why do i feel nothing
not even a glimpse of hope?
not even a bit of jealousy or even a smile

he used to make me cry.
for days until my eyes were swolen
he used to make me feel angry
because of lies he got me named

he smiled.
i nodded, he went on
did he know
he used to rape my faith?

little things like flowers
make me smile
not even you with flowers
could erase your lies to me

you threw my soul away
with your two bare hands
i took the last straw
i went to search my soul

i'm never a person full of rage
but still preferences are above words
and i can't be what i'm not
unlike you, fake those smile away

we have different lives
you can smile all the way you want
but the truth is never far
and your lies won't hurt me anymore

someday i'll know more than your tiny brain could fit
someday i'll see more than you thought you had seen
someday i'll feel more than you thought you'd feel
someday i'll be more than you thought i'd be


we both know, it was you who pushed me around. we both know, there was no one else outside our cynical-bond that should we blame. we both know, i was honest. we both know, you begged and i refused. we both know, you promised and you broke the chain not me. we both know, you had too much vodka when you blabbered your lies and it hurt me deeply. we both know, i used to have faith in you but you betrayed my faith in you. we both know, you should keep your useless mouth shut than begging for people's attention. we both know, i was the victim and i can never let you back in my live and pretend everything's never better. we both know, after what you have done and said i'll never forgive and forget as easily as turning my back against you.

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