Saturday, March 22, 2008

power behind your eyes.

everyone's asleep and i'm borrrreeeeed! hixhixhix i want to do netsurfing but i have no site to visit or at least no idea which site to visit. hmpppfffh and lately i've been running out of form when it comes to blogging, bad bad me. so i kind of listen to my playlist and write a bit of everything which is almost nothing *blooh* 

loner, i love the word although i don't ever feel lonely coz i have the loudest crowd but i really2 like to mention that word to myself or even to people who are very2 dear to me. no offense but i just love the word, nothing personal *get it?* X) i'm such an antique, blame the brain i guess who thinks/works too much.

i'm very2 delighted coz my dad's going to bring home my fav-fattening food ever but who cares coz i haven't had anything to chew all day just to wait for it. i lied, i had milk, cookies, and eggs before this harharhar. of course i had to eat something or my stomach will hurt and i will act abusively *harharhar*

i love oldies songs as much as i love 80s/90s/00s songs, i went to this mall with my family last week and thankfully there was a band who performed oldies songs and me and my parents were practically enjoyed the songs yaaay! *minus the old-dood who couldn't sing but sang songs anyway, helooo??*

my dad was very2 irritated for my download-songs-behaviour which to him was super annoying. harharhar everytime i use his lappie i'd download songs till his HD would cramp and stuck because of my many songs. i tend to forget moving it to my own EX-HD and my dad knows me best hihihihi *forgive me daddy!!*

i'm currently listening to the song that reminds me of a place i visited almost three years a go, God i miss that place so very muuuch!! as usual, i wanna say i feel thankful coz God has given me and my family the best opportunity and for me personally. God has given me everything that's needed for someone like me.

the theme song is very much the same that defines every absurd feeling that's been going on for a while. although i tried and been trying to let it go, the effort seems useless in some certain ways. bluish all over you.

eisleyian in pink!

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