Saturday, March 22, 2008

Goodbye mourning

in a silent night
as the cat crawls in deep
emptiness kicked 
everything's meaningful
everything's here
what's more to wait?

as everyone lied down
questions rose
will there be a way?
will there you and me?
will there be 'fin' sign?

said and done
if this is the punishment
let God give me more patience
and forgive all my sins
as i've sinned so much in my life

bring me closer to You
heaven knows i'm in deep misery
let them think 
what they want to think
God knwos me best

as i've been waiting all this long
misery comes in double
and tears are inescapable
my heart and soul is at stake
i want to heal myself

how long should i wait
till this is over?
nothing left to pray
and i'm still here
so long, goodbye uncertainties

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