Saturday, March 22, 2008


i just wanna use your love tonight tonight tonight tonight tonight 
i don't wanna lose your love tonight. 
(kate perry-your love)

give me a reason to fall in love take my hand and let's dance
give me a reason to make me smile coz i think i forgot how
(meiko-reasons to love)

let me tell you how it be you won't get with this you see
coz you can't handle me 
(robyn-can't handle me)

ive got sunshine on a cloudy day
when it's cold outside i've got the month of may
(the temptations-my girl)

i'm falling apart save me, 
somebody take my hand and lead me slow me down
(emmy rossum(slow me down)

night and day come what may there's always change 
and nothing stays the same who can say what'll come my way 
(atomic kitten-be with you-)

Won't stop and try to turn the clock back, i won't beg - I'm no good at that
Too late to start and act like a saint, can't be something that I ain't

(holly valance-naughty girl)

don't want to talk...don't want to talk about it
i'll hide my tears behind a smile so that's all you can see
(one star story-tears behind a smile)

songs i've been listening to lately..
i decided to make quotes from the songs above 
in order to honor the songs harharhar *W*


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