Sunday, March 30, 2008


dealing with break-ups is almost soul-crunching, no hard feelings but really there are things that need to be taken care before words are spoken. 

basically, when there's no communication there will be no use in continuing relationship *whatever relationship that be*

it's currently happening right now i guess, two people who were very dear to me suddenly distanced themselves and stopped talking. 

i'm confused, i really am. because of all the things i have done for them nothing bad was included and i'm suddenly the scapegoat or the forgotten?

if it's your own call to distance yourself from me, and not returning any of me approaches maybe it's the right time to say au-revoir. i won't mind if you don't mind.



why show off when you can be 'cool' by being mysterious harhar

love you pretenders *it's an eisley song btw*


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