Sunday, March 30, 2008

when i first open up a website, i cant tell you what it is. i wasnt pleased to read the content. colorado beat LA Galaxy with 4-0. i didnt watch the game and wasnt sure what has caused LA to surrender with such huge result. with the defeat, ruud gullit must find a way out from the darkness. they cant have another season without a single trophy like last year. it'd be painful for becks coz it would remind him of his 3 seasons in real madrid. who would have thought that joining real madrid had been the most challenging one for becks. he has always loved man utd as its his dream team since he was a boy. and leaving him no choice except to join real madrid for a bargain price. real won the la liga title the season before and having a great time in football. and so many people thought by having david beckham on their side, real could have won more titles including copa del rey. but the fact is, real crumbled to the deepest ocean and failed to notch a trophy for 3 seasons in a row. it may sound absurd but all the tragedies had happened while becks spending his time in real madrid, was caused by instability in the management. 5 managers and perhaps more in the future, might harm real madrid in so many ways including title chase. real have been put out of the frame by uncertainties and caused them dearly. champs league and copa del rey are out of question since they have been kicked out early from the competitions. no one can figure out why on earth is happening in real madrid. perhaps, they need to start to play as a team. doesnt matter if they are trying to play beautiful football like arsenal are doing right now; a win can only be obtained once a team work together and PASS the ball like a true footballers. real madrid players cant afford to lose ball to an opponent in a silly way like they always do. even if they win, i can almost assure you that it was luck and not more. honestly, i cannot bear to write those words but thats from what i saw and observed. 

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