Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"aren't you going to runaway IF your parents don't like your future hub?"

whaatta stupid Q at least for me. i know2 never say never, BUT i think for me all i have eternally beside God is my lovely family. it's a hard decision isn't? which one will i choose if it happens to me? i think that's why i hold back too much at times just to realize which is the right move for me. 

leaving my family especially my parents would be the hardest thing and very painful coz i've been wishing one day i'll live with them and taking care of them when they're old. i've always been the closest one to them, i don't want to lose their love because of uncertainties.

things aren't as simple as writing what's on my mind especially marriage, believe me although i only read the stories from magz or books but things like that have broaden my mind and believing in realities than believing in something unreal.

my parents have always been loving and very supportive *alhamdulillah*, i don't want to lose them. i aalways trust them wholeheartedly coz to me they were young guns before and of course they have the best free advices and the trusty guts i wish i could have.

someday when the time is right, i believe i will introduce 'the right one' to my family and i'll let them decide if he's a good guy or a garbage can. it's way better to break up before starting a marriage, i'm not interested in messing up my life.

if someone asking me "what a guy could be on your list?" i think my face could turn into a blank mode and my mind would start racing fast to find answers. then i'd answer "a normal guy not metrosexualist" huahahaha reallyyyy??

i'll post the second thought about my interest in guys soon..right now let me watch my beloved as roma punching down man utd. *grant my wishes dear GOD!* goooo spalettiiiii!!!!!


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