Monday, June 16, 2008

another tough games

i can't believe that referees made awful decision and came out to public apologizing for their errors. i think they should just shut their mouth and live with it. but it is already too late. italy have now at the edge of losing all. they need to gather themselves and knock france out of the way in order to qualify for the next round. but it all depends on how netherland and romania play their match. romania need a win to enter quarter final and avoid being snubbed once again like four years ago.

right now, czech rep. still leading with one goal and looking really threatened in the second half. one goal may not be enough for the czechs as turkey are starting to fire some of their best strikes. well, the turks have to wipe all their tears right away as another goal has been scored against them. it looks like czech rep. are building their attacking force way much better than the turks even when they are one goal up. in the 70th minute, czech rep. nearly tripled their lead if a player hadn't struck a post. it was unfortunate for him as a goal might end turkey's survival in this tournament. finally, after all the waitings turkey had their one goal to make this game a little more interesting. a goal from arda in the 75th minute give turkey a space to breathe in. score is now 2-i for czech rep. another goal for turkey can bring them further into the game. draw will definitely put a stretch and perhaps we can see some unbelievable moments. in the midst of everything i can say there are more dramatic events in this tournament. the match has ended and i am certain it will be the most talked about in years to come. when everything should have gone the right way for czech rep, it hasn't happened that way. 30 mins into the second half, turkey gave all they could to make the score line moves up. i think it was the determination that sent turkey all the way to quarter finals. they were a goal down but managed to steal two important goals. when arda hit the mark, there was a hope that second goal would eventually come and turkey would be able to level with czech rep. a nightmare for petr cech after unable to catch a very simple pass from hamit altinthop that resulting a goal from turkish captain, nihat in the 85th minute. when everyone would have thought about penalties, God has his own words of answering prayers from his servants. nihat was cleared from offside and shot a remarkable strike from quite a distance. his shot was bounced down the line which made the final score 2-3. another story in another life, the goal could have bounced off the bar. but all i can say, football gives a different angle in sports. it does require skill and talent. but when it comes to playing on the field, luck is also the x factor. not many would have survived the game and won with only ten men on the field but turkey had. as if the drama wasn't enough, turkey goalkeeper was sent off for pushing a czech player. it was silly and unnecessary considering their stand has already clear. it will be a headline in all over the newspaper tomorrow for sure. i enjoyed the match and hoping to see some attractive games in upcoming days. surely, no any other games could challenge this match intensity couldn't they? well i am not sure. i have to watch them and see who will be the winner. o yeah i forgot to mention that co hosts swiss have defeated portugal 2-0. key players were rested except pepe, ricardo and fereira, considering portugal's position as top group. nevertheless, it would send a warning to scolari's squad that they are not invincible. could this have been caused by latest announcement by the coach that he will be saying goodbye after EURO 08 and coaching chelsea instead? you have your answer, so don't bother to write me a letter.

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