Monday, June 16, 2008

another day another life

can i have it like that?

some would say, the grass is greener on the other side. i agree at  times. but when i sit down and think about it. it doesn't happen all the time. for example, we are lucky to buy two devices at once. well, not exactly at the same time. cera came first and bb was the last. i am glad that finally, both of these gadgets are in our "household". i have been dreaming for a long time to acquire powerful gadgets as useful resource. i can't believe that God has given me his grace after granting my wishes in a perfect moment. anyway, i do have things running on my head right now. long-waited business still missing my presence in a foreign country. what shoud i do to prevent chaotic situation in the midst of all this madness?. i can only talk to Him and He'll be only my witness of my despair. could you please answer my humble prayers? only You will satisfy my curiosity among others. why does it have to happen? why am i going underwater rather than surfacing? these wicked hands have nothing to grasp except empty air. please...could You lift me up?

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