Tuesday, June 17, 2008

could it be any harder?

disgusted by all the uncertainties. waiting at the edge of it doesn't make my life easier. stumbling upon controversies lead to more disastrous events in my graced life. feel a bit anxious to find out the ultimate answer. will he bang the door and ram it wide open. one could only guess. i have made his life more than living hell and i am pretty certain that he will no longer tolerate my dubious reasons. how bad it will become? i do not posses the solution for my own troubles. i am solely responsible to whatever actions i decide to do in my life. i chose to stand down, therefore someone will charge down my wall of defense. probably i do need a counselor to defend my state of mind. i am really wishing that it will end forever. i need a comforting zone to make peace with everyone involved. God give me your answer 

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