Tuesday, June 17, 2008


someone came after my soul and i was not in a position where i can refuse the overbearing figure. should the debate continue haunting our future? i believe no arguments are good for anyone who choose to shade their eyes from the goodness. someone chased down my car and drove it into a ditch. the driver pulled me out from driver seat and holding my shoulder against my car. his face was hard and full craziness that no one has ever seen. you have been chosen out of nothing and i am fully yours, my lady. life is full of surprises and not a single human being can offer precise answers and even if they say they can, they are nothing but a lost soul. i am here not to give you those lies but lending you a hand for you to hold. we'll separate ways but if He permits, fate will eventually come forth and unite both of our tormented souls. dreams were not be the only solutions my mind would love to offer. driving by myself and consuming too much caffeine would have been the most sane answer i could come come up at the time being. after his sudden disruption on my vacation, he chose to stepped out of my way and drove his ride away from the hectic of busytown. was able to leave the town after so many outgoing calls the other night. feeling relieved and fresh no matter how frightening his presence yesterday. i believe we are all meant with somebody. and this person isn't hiding from us. he is just in the corner and i will only be able to see him if i want to. welcome to my life....

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