Tuesday, June 10, 2008

first half: spain vs russia 2-0

wow...is the only word i can say for the first 45 mins. russia made it difficult for spain to make a breakthrough from both sides. pressure came from both teams which excites me more than anything. russia made plainly clear that they came to swiss to win the european champions.


second half has already finished and the score line after another 45 mins was 4-1. i didn't watch the match because the new season of csi: ny made an appearance right into the half time. however, i did get a chance to see cesc's late goal for spain. it was a soft header, nevertheless he already made a headline by grabbing a goal that counted as the winning goal considering russia stole a header right through casillas' palms. right now sweden are playing greece and from what i can observe, both of the teams lack of accuracy. technically, greece are played at advantage here for having won EURO 04. but we can never say never. ibrahimovic needs to back down a little bit and give his teammates a chance to score goal. pass the ball dude! perhaps you can see the sun shining tomorrow morning. 

cesc the goal

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