Tuesday, June 10, 2008

two EURO matches i missed

hei ho...i wasn't able to post any news from euro last night bcoz of small matter. anyway, there were two surprises yesterday as france had only one point to grab while the world champions, italy, were left with nothing but dust. first thing first. runner up in WC 06, france, didn't give their best as what others would have wanted. i believe it was due to leadership absence in the midfield. patrick vieira had an injury that kept him out of competition since weeks ago. injury has also shadowed thierry's involvement in the tournament. france is a country with so many unique talent and last night some of those brilliant young footballers were displayed. however, instead of picking up positive result france couldn't do nothing but to accept the fate. a playmaker is badly needed in the france camp if they want to qualify for the next round. while, france were held in drawless match, netherland were someting else. no one, i mean not one of us in the football world ever predicted that italy would have been flattened that easy by the dutch. 3-0 is the final score line and i was totally flabbergasted. the dutch's first goal was, for me, a bitter decision by the assistant to let van nistelrooy had his goal although it was clear that his was standing out of anyone's line. second goal from wesley sneijder was to me, a true strike from a true footballer. it was no doubt would be one of the best goals in the tournament. late goal from gio van bronchorst decide the match and italy had to swallow the lost in silence. perhaps, someone like marcello lippi could lend his experience in this matter.  but i know it will be impossible for the former coach to have any interference in national side. i can only hope italy will be able to compose themselves and keep their chin up to face their next opponent. as the world champions, italy need to show to the rest of the world that they can too, be a european champions and beat all doubters out there. i can't say no more but to watch another beautiful match between spain and russia. hoping that he'll be playing....

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