Friday, June 20, 2008

hoping to see my favorite players in this EURO 08

david beckham is away in US to play his part as captain in LA Galaxy. but he feels distraught for not seeing his country play in EURO 08. no one can place doubts over his love for football and country. england were close to qualify if hadn't conceded a goal in a dramatic fashion. correct me if i am wrong, petric shot a beautiful goal and england were left dumbfounded for the rest of the match. i guess, they deserved to come out as a winner that night. england were second best for the rest of the 90 minutes play, therefore they were butted out from the competition. who would have thought that england were outclassed by croatia?.it looks like croatia's win last year were a minor reflection of their success some years ago. their 100% record proved their true color. anyone would have thought about croatia 2 years ago as a candidate of title contender in EURO 08? well, to be honest i didn't give a damn at all. fact speaks for itself. they beat german and top the group to qualify for quarter final. they have to face turkey in order to get to the next level. it won't be an easy fight for croatia. in the last match against czech rep. , turkey were left behind by 0-2. in any other days, it could have ended the match and czech qualified. however, God has something else to say. three goals from turkey sent czech rep. packed their bags home. but croatians have something to cheer as some of turkey's key player are either injured or banned from playing. their first choice goalkeeper is definitely out, so the coach has to go with the veteran goalkeeper rustu rechber (i hope this is the right spell). well, the game is about to start. ciao....

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