Monday, June 23, 2008

badminton in our history

i have a very pleasant day. badminton is one of the most popular sports in our country. although we have been known as mighty giant in badminton, we have not shown our best performance in world championships. in recent years our teams have only managed to reach finals and unable to retain the title the following years. what have happened? no one seems to understand what has caused this "emptiness" from our history. maybe we do need some kind of investment from a foreign country in order to maintain our sportsmanship. i am sorry, i know my words are totally cruel and irresponsible; it was utter non sense. last month, we had the honor to conduct a prestigious badminton championships, thomas and uber cup. our men's team failed to qualify for final, however underrated women's team surprised most of us as they were through to the final and beat favorites such as netherlands. can we explain this phenomenon? i, too, seem out of words. you could say it was luck and not more than that. but i believe otherwise; when one has solid desire to overpower mountain, mist will never obstruct his/her view. their great effort put everything behind as insignificant. i can say "hey look, they are the unsung heroines and they don't mind to be called such as that as long as they can show people what they are about". not a single person predicted they could go through such obstacle. but they proved to unbelievers that only strong will can take us far . i am proud as i can be, and silently planting hopes that someday i will be able to see my countrymen lift our national pride above the sky.


few hours ago, djarum indonesian super series have ended and we won the two trophies out of five offered. it wasn't enough but a good start for our national team, especially for the women's team. they have been under performing for the past decade. and perhaps, this year they can build something out of this competition. maria could have grasp the title hadn't been her drained stamina prevented her from playing at her best. i notice she has also minor injury to her knee. whatever happened in the last minutes of third round, she has done all she possibly could. with the injury she has endured since early stages, she has somehow showed people in the stadium that anything is possible. i hope she and her team mates can overturn this story in the upcoming month which they will participate in beijing olympics. go all of you, our prayers are always be with you and may God give His grace. make us proud.....

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