Friday, June 27, 2008

keeping up to date

what can i say? there are lot of uncertainties nowadays. i have been pondering to do something a very silly action. i know it's out of option and irresponsible but  i don't know what else should i do. i am praying silently deep down in my heart i believe someday there will be solution to this mess. but i don't when will it be. i will busy in the upcoming months and could only hope for the best. i am not bored but i do need some kind of refreshment from the world outside. i am happy to see her finally meet up with a guy who could probably be her last boyfriend. she has been dying to see someone for about a year and half but didn't seem to work. i don't know how it went but she managed to crawl through fenced gate. could this be the "it"? we never know. let's see what will happen. can't wait to meet her and her new.....

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