Friday, June 27, 2008

transfer saga

it has been going on for the weeks now. rumors about ronaldo and ade's future in their respective clubs have been in doubts after much speculation about their interest to join other clubs. their reason is simple, a bulk of cash. it is understood that ronaldo is seeking new challenges after winning a lot of titles with man utd. he is also a big fan of real madrid and wishes to join his dream team for years to come. i don't know he's other intentions but ade's is definitely absurd. i understand their frustration after went through another season without trophies. but they can only work hard and let other things run by itself. well, they can't blame anyone but themselves. luck also plays part but it is a different story. adebayor wishes to leave arsenal and join italian giant AC milan for a fee of 25 mil euros. has revealed that AC milan are willing to pay his monthly wages for about 120,000 pounds per week and it is three times more than arsenal are capable of paying. i understand wenger stand for not keeping a player who has other thing on his minds. like ronaldo, adebayor has just renewed his contract for another four years. and it also include a pay rise, if i am not mistaken, from some amount to 40,000 pounds per week. i think it is a satisfying amount considering he is new player and doesn't deserve such blinding prestige. it is true that he was arsenal top scorer last season but it doesn't guarantee he'll be performing like he did on 07/08 season.

i am not saying non sense. thierry henry played fantastically before world cup 06 but he failed miserably a season after. no one knew why, but i presume he was tired to the bone and need a break from national duties so he can concentrate more on his club career. i guess he blamed himself totally and it caused him a lot of things including his private life. anyway, adebayor wants something bigger than what he deserves. i don't know i just have this weird feeling about his transfer. he prefers to play in UEFA cup next season rather than champions league. arsenal have to go through another play off next season and i have no idea which team would be our opponent this time. i hope they can qualify to group stage if not, arsenal will be joining AC milan in UEFA cup which is, to me a very bad situation.

adebayor said a lot of things few days ago and given the fact that he'll leave anyway, we shouldn't mind seeing him packing his bag. if he wants to go, why don't he just sit down and talk to the coach and i am sure he'll understand and won't be on his way. when robert pires decided that his future was elsewhere, he talked to arsene wenger and wished to be put up on transfer list in the summer. that what i call a true sportsman by not telling everyone he's committed but in the day after he wants to sign with another club. go adebayor, i do hope your departure would do us good. i can't wait to see his action in serie A...

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