Monday, June 30, 2008


i don't know if it should be called a reunion but it felt like it. my mom has a best friend and they have been treating each other like sisters. but they haven't seen each other for a decade and when we met her yesterday, it really was the good news among the bad one. we have walked those alleys of shopping malls and been in and out every outlets there but we have never bumped into each other, until yesterday. it was classic all over again. maybe she thought it was miracle to see my mom once again after so many years. unfortunately, they were unable to talk a lot considering my mom's best friend was having lunch with her family. perhaps one day they could spend a little time together and talk like mad. i am happy for them, because i can say they are truly bff unlike some people who claim themselves as bff but do nothing except quarreling over a job or a guy. the side of the story is that i am her dream child. well, i may have put it too heavily but i can guarantee it's 80% truth. she wanted a child especially a girl but God has His say and their waiting was fruitless. when mom conceived me many years ago, she sort of fell in love with me. since they were close friends, she would come to our house quite often. once she sighted me, she would yell "come to me, you'd be my lovely daughter". i know she was joking but i was a kid back then and would run like mad seeing her coming into the door. it was funny, and still is. and when my mom asked me to say hi to her, she nearly flipped over the table. i imagine i would look strange and weird like some other teenagers. i will never forget the way she looks at me. well, i must say she's never change. she's so lovely and without a doubt  the best friend for my mom.

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