Friday, June 27, 2008

tired russians


it's going to be interesting final. spain are flying high after beating russia convincingly 3-0. i have mentioned that spain beat russia 4-1 in the group stage and they did it all over again but this time without so much fights from the russians. something was amiss since the first minute. russia barely made real chances and tested spain's goalkeeper, casillas. perhaps, they have gone some kind of mental disorder feared will be beaten once again. and they made their it real. this is nightmare for gus hiddink as he once again failed to bring his squad to the final. in WC 02 he made a history for giving south korea a prestigious 3rd place over turkey. two years later, he made a headline by bringing the best out of australian players. however, their war has to end in quarter final after being beaten by the world champions, italy. and this year in euro 08, he was devastated by the fact that his team won't be seeing final on sunday. so much hype but no trophies. another time mr hiddink? perhaps WC 2010?. i doubt that he'll stay for another two years in russia. we just have to wait in two or three weeks to see whether he goes to WC or not. such a marvellous tactian from netherland but run out of luck before final. goodbye mr. hiddink, hope to see you soon in a different team, hopefully. match review will only be available tomorrow....have a good weekend everyone....

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