Friday, June 27, 2008



a match between spain and russia has ended from hours ago but still, i don't believe they qualify. no one has ever predicted that they would come as finalists. the favorites are germany, but we can never write off spain. they outplayed russians last night and could potentially ruin germany's dream to be the champions this summer. there will be no EURO until 4 years from now. so, if they want to do something, they better do it this sunday. when everyone pointing their fingers at christiano ronaldo to be the star of this competition, i totally disagreed with it and i was right. i have said before that neither portugal nor ronaldo would be the best in this championship but other players. i wasn't sure who will be the star but i was certain enough that it wouldn't be him. when aragones decided to pull out injured david villa, he was making a very important decision by bringing on francesc fabregas. he was soon contributing to the team's progress. two out of three goals were handed by his pin point pass to goal scorers. his movement wasn't limited to certain areas only. he made fine runs to the left and right to ensure his team mates were able to find free spaces in the box. his decisive efforts were finally put off after daniel guiza scored pass russian goalkeeper. shocked and awed were the perfect words to describe russian team after the second goal. spain deserved those leads and russians should have come up for a better ideas instead of hanging on loose tie. when everyone thought it was over, spain gave another "embarrassment pill" to the russians by netting another goal. and this time the executor was david silva.  cesc played one two and returned the ball perfectly for silva to widen the gap. final whistle was blown and the score line stood as it was few minutes before final time, 3-0 in favor of spain. there it is. it will be germany vs spain in final. who will grasp the first goal and end it as warriors? i will never now; not until sunday of course.  

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