Tuesday, August 05, 2008

david beckham became men's health magazine cover for august edition and it doesn't disappoint many of his fans. gracious words from the magazine and i really liked it although i am not going to buy the magazine myself. here's an excerpt from telegraph online

"Beckham is, without a doubt, planetary," the magazine says. "As far as universally recognisable names in sports today, you have David Beckham. After him, who? Tiger Woods. That's about it. Even the big names in US sports - Tom Brady, LeBron James, Alex Rodriguez - are unknowns in international waters. But just about everyone, everywhere, knows who David Beckham is."

An interview with the ex-Manchester United star, now playing for LA Galaxy, describes him as "the most popular player in the most popular sport in the world".

Becks, 33, graces the cover, a rare accolade for a British athlete. In an accompanying photoshoot, he demonstrates his sporting prowess indulges in a spot of weightlifting and boxing.


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