Tuesday, August 05, 2008

i've got plenty of news regarding mr beckham. although the article doesn't entirely support becks from football point of view, but i don't mind anyway as long as the statistics showing a different side of soccer in US. 



Since arriving in America Beckham's aim has been to enhance football - or soccer as the Americans call it - in the country.

And, judging by the latest statistics, he has started to do just that.

Beckham was recently named by American sports network ESPN as the Major League Soccer Player of the Year.

Also, the average attendance at Galaxy games of 28,000 is more than at Reading, FA Cup winners Portsmouth, Fulham, Blackburn and Wigan last season.

Overall, Major League shirt sales have rocketed 780% and internet traffic on the Major League site has increased by about 80%.

Simon Sylvester, European planning director for global advertising firm Young and Rubicam said: "Celebrity brands behave much the same as other brands so for them to have come so far so quickly in America is very impressive."

courtesy of sky sport

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