Monday, September 29, 2008



at the beginning i thought every single thing i do in this world would not relate to other people's lives at present time. the truth is, it's not only related to people, it also give them potential shock of what we are capable of doing. if you don't understand what i am talking about, then you should live my life for a month. well, it could happen to you as well but you might have forgotten how it gotten into your life until you feel the great pain surging into your damaged vein. anyway, i should be grateful that i am given another day to live my life, therefore i should be thinking a way to bail out of this negative vibe, so that beautiful things will go my way. she must be wondering whether she had done the right thing to put her trust on my shoulder. i think she had done the right thing by allowing us to buy more time, however we can't do anything at the time being. perhaps, we could figure out a way to give her assurance on this matter without jeopardizing current situation. getting our way, is the one and only the it.

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