Monday, September 29, 2008

getting colder

it's getting colder day by day and today is the worst since we got here. it reached 10 degrees today and it will only get worse ladies and gentleman. it's our first experience anyway and i think a lot of people will understand our craziness. we can't wait to visit dongdaemun market once more to get warm clothes we wanted to buy today but couldn't get our hands holding so many shopping bags. it's a great experience to have visited such place in other people's country. we get to interact with foreign people, although i didn't do much of the talking. we basically talk with alien language that's for sure. i spoke english and they would talk me back with calculator. funny it may seems but efficient in the end. there are lots of places we haven't visited but one month seems not enough to go around this country. we have only visited shopping areas and leave historical sites to other day. actually, this country has a different shopping ambience compared to ours. no mega building with sophisticated design and so on and so forth. perhaps, they are more concern with people who are living in rural area. they have developed so much from the last time i heard from a friend. there are of course, few set backs but they are holding up alright. they are not japan but getting closer to it. i am extremely happy to be in this country and refused to go away unless i need to. i have not told a single friend of mine and i am sure they are completely puzzled of my whereabouts. i'm sorry my friends, i didn't mean to hold any secrets from all of you but i have reasons on my own from telling this to you all.

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