Friday, September 19, 2008

end of his era?

i have read many articles regarding becks latest match against croatia. not only, he played as subs but also as some people said that it would signal his last action with england. he got his 105 caps indeed but he didn't earn it through a tough match like used to have. it seems theo has a lot to offer in the future and at present, he's still growing to be a player he is long to be. he scored hatrick on tuesday that rousing positive remarks from all over england. it was signaling a new dawn for england and giving high hopes to qualify for the next world cup without much effort. i don't think it would the case though. other countries participating in the qualifying group are as determined as england to go to world cup in two years from now and i know they will not give up that easy. england recent nemesis, croatia were defeated indeed last week but they are not out. and will definitely seeking revenge when coming to wembley next year. ukraine is also other strong contender in the group to battle for the first spot, if not the strongest one. so, whatever achieved last week, will not surely or automatically give england assurance of 100% record especially dealing with tight schedule in premier league. capello will have to figure out how to manage those ignited players to stay fit during qualifying matches. i hope becks can still play roles in those games. he might not be 20s anymore but still can help england in many ways like he used to do when he was a captain. and i love they way he gave thumbs up to theo latest performance. he is genuine fellow and i do hope he can stay in the frame of capellos's mind although they used to have a very "strange" relationship while both of them served under ramon calderon regime. God has his own ways of putting puzzle back into its original state. who would guess FA appointed fabio capello as a successor of ste-c after ste-c had failed to bring the goodness of england players and cast them away from one of the best competition in the world EURO 08. it's always good to be positive but don't get overboard as it may hurt us more. work hard and it will pay off somehow

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