Wednesday, September 24, 2008

much more about it again

so many things happened as each day passing by. one of them, happened to be very much disturbing. we need to take another daring move this time but not sure whether it will work out just fine. again, we need it more than ever this time. to some, it just like taking tissues out of a box, to others it's more than working past hours. how can we go out of this loophole? maybe not in a short time. i have to come up with a good reason to explain my absence these past years. perhaps, he could be lenient this time although i am not pretty sure about it. i can imagine his red face hearing my dubious reason. ow...ow hit on the stomach hurts more than i thought it'd be. smack me one more time i can never be in time to be with you oooo...poor singing girl, no more trials next time.

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