Sunday, October 05, 2008

bitter weekend, well almost...

i heard a lot of bad news regarding la galaxy's achievement in recent weeks. they have. once again slumped even further to bottom league. well, to be fair it all depends on the overall performance of the team itself, not one particular player. david beckham is largely blamed for the lost games la galaxy have endured in the past months. it's not fair to justify la galaxy performance based solely on his chart alone. la galaxy must build their battered confidence to win remaining matches of the season and hope for the best that top groups slip to enable galaxy go for their play off. only miracle can save la galaxy from slipping even further to the ground. and to make it worse, arsenal were also failed to get full three points after drawing against sunderland. i didn't watch the game and to be honest i am grateful for it. other top clubs earned their win this weekend to make even greater gap between arsenal and number one group, chelsea. what a nightmare for me, could it be any harder? i hope there will be no more saddening news, or i'll go mad. is this a sign?. other teams can triumph after embarassing early goals, why can't arsenal and la galaxy do the same?. and why did i have to watch these maddening matches. i even watched ronaldo scored winning goal for man utd and saw arsenal lost. well, what a life. it drives me crazy to actually experiencing mental breakdown after watching my team lost to any team.

at least, i found a lot of cute accessories today and hopefully i can go to the place once again some time soon. i'll be leaving next week and i am hugely disappointed to learn that i can only come to this country at the end of this year. that can happen if dad wants us to come. i hope we'll stick to our commitment and not changing to other negative options. anyway, i bought so many stuff that i will not mention them one by one in this blog coz it seems unfair to tell you without giving a single thing to you. well, sorry to say i am happy to let you know that i'm not finished.

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