Monday, September 29, 2008

pathetic headlines

do we have to buy all their lies? i guess we don't have to listen all those blabbering words. people are talking about world financial crisis that crumpling every single state in the US and soon, it'll reach all parts of this universe. it all began with US invasion to iraq about four or five years ago. billions of dollars have been pumping in iraq in order to create positive environment. however, instead of stabilizing middle east, bush and his administration brought a lot of pain to the world. sometimes it's better that we let things happen the way natural wants it. if iraqis want to make a change, they have to fight for it. back in 1945, we fought our way to proclaim our independence despite resistance from western countries. we had risen from the bottom of a bottle and seized the rare opportunity to gain the momentum of a lifetime. they should have faith on themselves and others to get whatever they desire. starting from that on, US have been incapable of handling their financial issues wisely. they didn't see it coming and it hurt them badly. reading nerve-wrecking headlines and stories from both newspapers and tv cable makes me sick. they created this monster and now they are looking some kind of solution to their own creation? no need for a punch line then.

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