Monday, October 27, 2008

more grave news

another day reading so much controversy regarding becks pending move to AC Milan. as much as i would cherish the idea, i have doubts too lingering my thoughts. i knew his teammates wouldn't agree with his decision especially when they need to finish off their horrid season with a win. he will be stamped as selfish hollywood star. acting like an A list star to get his wishes in a single clap of hands whenever he pleases. that is, i believe the exact thoughts of his LA Galaxy teammates. they can't help but moaning becks decision to announce his temporary move to AC Milan in the midst of urgency. well, i agree with the bad timing. he could have annonced it after galaxy's final match and not before it. but i guess he wants to seal the deal as swiftly as possible in order to make things easier during winter transfer. the galaxy officials have claimed that their tour to New Zealand will still be underway, although becks may have signed a loan deal with the italian giant before the tour itself. but i am not sure whether his teammates will still have some respect left to his captain considering his shocking loan move to italy. although he will be back for the new season with LA Galaxy, some people have begun questioning his attitude toward his club and teammates.

i can't entirely blame him for wanting to keep fit during off season, but he should have picked the right moment instead of breaking people's trust. i don't know how the fans are going to react after his unofficial announcement in his website. i have yet to hear from them sounding their disappoinment. becks only sin was to announce his intention while the season still underway. there are ways to keep him on the frame of capello's plan and joining AC Milan is one of them. if he wants to stay fit by joining a european club, let him be. i hope he gets something out of this and once again, prove them wrong. he may be 33 years old but he isn't dying yet. the determination and fire still buring inside his tatooed body. in fact, he may triumph this test ahead of everybody. let's wait and see, although i can't barely wait anymore.

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