Monday, November 03, 2008

sloppy headlines

well, if this morning was not worse enough, i had to read headlines pinching becks move to AC Milan and other things that he does in everyday life. and now, i understand that hamilton had won his first champion in F1 racing. i dislike him since he had won few races in the early 2008. he become so cocky thinking he can eclipse everyone's past records, including michael schumacher's. and then, coming with so much controversial headlines regarding his reckless driving and cost raikkonen his place in a race few weeks back. what on earth was he thinking?. that stupidity made him lost points as the ruling body decided he was indeed driving with so much passion and lost his composure. and not a long ago, he was also involved with raikkonen's partner in ferrari, felipe massa, and nearly made another history by cut him out of his way. after the race he denied everything everyone accussed to him. well, that tiny man is certainly knows how to evade heavy questions. i have not heard a single sorry from the man to his rivals after the incidents and i do feel sorry for ferrari. they nearly had it but in the final minutes, they had failed miserably. maybe they can nail it next year and beat the hell out of other cocky drivers. anyway, the-used-to-be-the-youngest-race-driver-to-win F1 title has gone along the way. alonso failed to make his existence known by not winning the title like he did two years ago. what had been written about alonso were indeed beautiful and promising.  two years from then, he was a sitting duck in his own world. his luck had run out.

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