Monday, November 03, 2008

another worth mentioning comments

after so many negative comments for the past few weeks, i got the chance to read some good ones. i posted 2 posts before this one and i am happy to post another ones. some people, well a lot of people actually, disbelief becks intention to have loan move to AC Milan this  winter as part of his fitness shake ups. they criticized the move and even condemned publicly that both parties are not in the advantage of anything. in fact, they are only seeking financial boosts amid global recession haunting the world of sports recently. however, after reading bruce arena's comment i became aware that MLS doesn't help becks international career especially when he's already near the end. i wonder why he didn't go to Milan and instead chose LA Galaxy some alien club in the US. soccer isn't famous in the US and not anytime soon because they won't let it eclipse their own football game. fortunately, becks arrived and it helped soccer a litle to gain a bit of attention. anyway here are those comments....(to view complete article  visit

Speaking just hours before Beckham's move was confirmed, Capello said: "If Milan sign him they will make a great acquisition. He is a very focused lad. He is a professional." (capello made a comment during press conference)

"He needs to play at 100% and he needs to position himself to get on the field for first-team minutes."

He said: "His reasons are to stay fit and to make himself available for England, and the only way he can do that is to be training and playing in a good environment. That's his number one reason, I believe, for seeking this loan.

"This, on the part of David, was a purely technical rationale. He wants to continue to play for England and this is one of the ways to do that.

"Those marketing opportunities, he can't avoid that. Wherever he goes there are marketing opportunities and I'm certain that will occur in Italy as well. However, I strongly believe he's doing this for technical reasons.

"He wants to be in a good environment during his down time in MLS and what better environment can you have than AC Milan?" (bruce arena on becks loan move to AC Milan)

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