Monday, November 03, 2008

is this a joke?

i have witnessed some of the funniest jokes ever heard on earth. they did not performed by comedians or live show hosts. instead, they are being laid out by government officials all over the world. for example, thaksin's trials. at first, he was arrested and then being allowed to bailed himself out of prison. and then, he flew to England to keep his sanity in check. without his presence, thai juduciary sentenced him up to five years jail term. how does this sound? funny to me. indeed there's a law stating that if someone is unable to attend any proceeding he still can be charged. that's what i read in the newspaper anyway. another case is involving a political analyst and he's currently enjoying his freedom while he can. he was freed a couple of days ago and was also cleared for all charges bored to him. the trial took quite a long time, which lasted for over 2 years. and the verdict came as a surprise to some people. today also according to the law, he can be re-arrested and remanded for pending appeal. therefore, he's trying so hard to hold  on to his final and most deadly weapon, a secret he kept all this time. i don't know what the secret is, but it is certainly a dangerous one. if let say he were again aqcuitted and convicted, he could have been sentenced to years in prison. it s because, they won't let him go for the second time. that's what i read from newspapers and blogs anyway.

it's funny to read all those stuff in our everyday life. people can be brought to justice and cleared of all charges anytime they please as long as they have means to do it. a wonderful dramas i presume, will be unfold not long from now. and how can i be such a fool without mentioning the most anticipated election in the world will take place less than 24 hrs. whoever takes the center stage, will not change the face of the earth. it is because they do not care to listen and painfully smirking at danger looming ahead. they know but they could care less.

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