Monday, November 03, 2008

rough and tough

ahead of my long-awaited holiday this december, i still have plenty of things to think of. first, will be my issues in jkt. there's only one major problem on that one, and i can't mention it here. and second, is of course, my friend's wedding next month. what on earth should i wear on that occassion? it had been awhile since my last wedding appearance and i was so little at that time. well, not that little as in a baby or anything. but, they had been different back then. more over, those weddings were mostly realtives events not friends. i had left hometown since early teenager and had not made any contact every since with my childhood friends who had probably married their boyfriends and girlfriends while i am abandoned here in this sinister world. that makes me a whole ten years without any contact with my buddies back home. i had never attend any wedding in this country and not planning to in the future, i hope. and that left me with more burden to carry on to my shoulders. clothes are the main issue here. sure, i can just grab anything from my closet or mum's, but that is so ridiculous. this wedding is to one of my closest friend and i can't just put on anything in sight, it's plain dangerous for me and the family. it's total outrageous and unacceptable. i have to decide what to wear and then i can move on to next level, which is shoes. up one level is hair issue. i can't tie up my hair in whatever pose i want to. i need to stamp some dignity with my look and it definitely doesn't look good if i just let it loose. last but the most important things is, make up. i rarely, well it is seldom to be exact, wear any kind of make up and that includes mascara. i hate to put on mascara is simply because of my eyelashes. they are so pointed and i can't make them steady no matter how hard i try. they have always found a way to enter my dazzling eyes (this is totally overrated) and make them suffer for days. mascara is to be applied on the outside only, and strongly suggested to apply hair gel first before starting to use mascara. so, in any case an eyelash is hovering and jab your eyes on the inside, you are heavenly safe from poisoning. here it goes again, another hallucination comes into play. anyway, make up, clothes, hair style, and lastly shoes are supposed to go hand in hand. i have to make sure everything goes well and in accordance with the wedding theme. *sigh* what do i have to do? it's less than 2 months already and i still haven't figured out this deal. God send me your angel....

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