Saturday, November 08, 2008

bond aftermath

i did watch quantum of solace two days ago and i found it remarkably well visualized. it started with a vengeance and ended with a consoled heart. bond found answers of questions he wanted so badly all this while and able to walk along the line once more. he had lost his love and seek answers to whatever questions his lover had painfully left behind. i love the action he endured throughout the movie and started to become a fan of james bond franchise. i had always thought no one could replace sean connery to become james bond, but i have a different point of view today. this is the second james bond movie for daniel craig and i honestly think worldwide fans had started to move on from sean connery mania. no one actually, except sean, could portray james bond as a living legend and a human at the same time as good as daniel craig does. he was hurt and clearly unsatisfied by some people suggestion to leave it all behind. soon, he embarks to his own adventure of a lifetime by shoving his enemies to the side and control the game as if it his. daniel craig has put everything right since the beginning of the movie. kicking, punching and driving like a madman just to get the ultimate answer he needed. i would have been a james bond fan if the movie had been acted the way it did since two years ago. action packed and twisting story could bring this movie to a different level from its past. before casino royale, i only saw james bond movies as other boring and distracting movie, especially whenever pierce brosnan was in it, and never had any intention whatsoever to watch it during my free time. but it is different today. daniel craig, we welcome you to our world and please don't hesitate to pen another sequel of the movie because we can't wait to see you again, in action of course.

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