Wednesday, November 05, 2008

bond's new mission

less than 24 hrs from now, every single cinema in this country and most asian continent will be thrilled by the latest james bond movie which i pressume will have the bigest ticket sales in james bond history. daniel craig have "bond" so well with his character and seems enjoying his role as the most lethal government agent in the world. he is ruthless, over the top but yet charming at the same time. not the kind of charm you get from a guy who works in fashion industry or some kind of businessman on the dining table. he knows what he wants and strive for it no matter how much it's going to cost his life. he loves toying with danger and able to dance  with it as if it were a never ending love affair. i can't decide which one is better, quantum of solace or casino royale until i have watched the new movie tomorrow. one thing for sure though, it will be packed with grilling action moves by Mr. Bond himself.

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