Wednesday, November 05, 2008

today's development

todays wasn't as bad as yesterday and the day before, but still i can feel anxiety seeping in for no apparent reason at all. it may be caused by our imminent trip back home which usually provoking headache even more than conducting a fashion week. nevertheless, i should be happy over other interesting news that suddenly erupts out of nowhere. my friend's wedding is around the corner and i still have some issues have yet to be resolved. retracting from hard-to-handle issue and coming to equally persistent problem. at the end of november, i will be surely pushing myself to the edge as preparing to deal with a bugging issue. anyway, i supposed to go to the mall and looking for delicious deli (sounds ridiculous) that i have been waiting for days. however, instead of whipping my ass behind the wheel, i am here stuck in front  of laptop without knowing when are we going to go. it's past 5 pm now and i am sure as hell that the city roads are jammed with cars and will take a lot of time just to get there. the usual 15 mins trip will eventually take more than half hour or maybe closing to an hour.i am afraid it may not happen at all, but one can only hope.

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