Saturday, November 08, 2008


i had to write it in red. it happened when i had my late supper. i saw this a very happy news from my beloved arsenal. they won the match with 2-1 scoreline. i am very much in joyous mood after hearing the news. i was unable to tune in to the match due to terrible reason, but i am happy after all. i know, it is far from over but they can start to dream of holding the title. it is not impossible to defeat mighty man utd and certainly possible to conquer other rivals. arsenal fought without their best starting XI but came away with a win and it was a joy for everyone in the stadium. samir nasri was the hero with two goals against one from man utd. losing key players doesn't make arsenal fragile, but a solid one i am sure. a lesson to learn boys, impossible is nothing. i hope i can fetch some worthy news tomorrow, ciao for now. hurray arsenal....thank you God.

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