Thursday, November 13, 2008

amazing day

there was nothing significant happened today as i was mostly spent my sunday time at home watching some news. three bali bombers have been shot to death as to uphold the decision made last month. capital punishment is not unheard of in indonesia as there were other cases involving death penalties before, but mostly were passed out to drug dealers and not terrorists, so this would be the first death penalty for extremists. a lot of people flocked in to each bombers' houses today to pay respect for the dead and pray only good thing will be blessed to their empty souls. i am angered and disappointed with the government as why had taken so long to execute these men? more and more people are getting restless and some, anxious by the government lame reaction on this matter. these people have no understanding of quran and certainly living on their own fantasy. on what ground these people are having to claim that God will permit any such cruelty to His other creations?. God will never tolerate violence and certainly condemn genocide. He obviously states in quran that He creates human in a different race, tribes for them to know each other. it is a clear sign that God wants human to be nice to each other and strive to the best by helping one and another. let God decides what is best to human race.

please God, hear my prays. guide us from this damned sickness and come out as champions. give us clear guidelines as to right and wrong. show the wrongdoers their punishments for being God in the world by eliminating one another. i beg to You to give me answers and let the truth prevail

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