Tuesday, December 02, 2008

almost a happy day

cesc goal

i am left frustrated with my bb. it doesn't actually let me down in any way, but the fact i cannot post all of my recent thoughts made me distraught even further. i wrote many things that shrouded my mind these past days, including world issues, such as riots in thailand and terrorists attack  in mumbai, india. unfortunately for me, those notes can only be sent via email and messaging services. with me out of coverage, it seems the more realistic way to post them is having my sister read the notes and i am the one who type it to laptop.  *sigh* how could this happen to me?. anyway, arsenal won their recent encounter with league leaders, chelsea and closing the gap to 7 points. sadly, liverpool had won their match as well so it won't make any difference since the crown is temporarily held by the merseyside. manu utd had also clinced a win facing their derby rival, man c. i knew man utd would have beaten man c although robinho was on the line up. they are currently too strong to beat by struggling man c. back to my beloved arsenal. when the odds are against them, arsenal have always managed to prove them wrong. for example, the man utd match few weeks ago. arsenal were badly bruised back then but had managed to steal 3 points out of their rivals, the red devils. while some bad comments were thrown into their side, wenger's young guns undeterred by all those sentiment and held their heads up high. coming to stamford bridge have always been difficult espceially when chelsea are riding up high at the moment. but it seems nothing is impossible for everyone. i have always  had faith for arsenal even though they tend to disappoint me number of times. hopefully, they can go futher...

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