Friday, November 28, 2008


my eyes need a bit of adjustment. i am not used to see cesc wearing captain armband in the presence of william gallas. anyway, i found a new fansite dedicated to cesc fabregas by chance. it's new and most importantly, updated every day. i have been digging for this kind of fansite for quite some time and disappointed the whole time. but now, i know a place to be. the site can be found in go ahead fellas add in to your bookmark.


the picture above is showing cesc as captain quite a while ago. i believe he was captaining junior side in a league cup. one thing can be derived from that picture above: he has always been a leader even in a very young age. i read an article today that suggested, wenger is trying really hard to cling on to his superstar after one and another has left earlier in the season by making cesc captain for the team. adebayor had also been linked to big clubs such as AC Milan during summer window transfer but wenger had managed to shoeed away those irritating clubs. much has been said and these inexperienced players need to prove themselves. there is nothing better than to "speak" on the field.


arsenal are facing one of their fiercest rivals this weekend. chelsea will play without mercy in order to get full points and stay on top in the league. there is no such thing as draw for both teams as they, especially arsenal, are keen to win back their fans' heart after disappointing performances. chelsea did not get the result they wanted on champ league, while arsenal have been shadow of themselves lately. arsenal are currently 5th on the league and 10 points behind league leaders, chelsea. i somehow shocked, being weeks apart from premier league, seeing my arsenal are way below their usual performance. the standing says it all. but it is not too late for them to redeem themselves as the league is far from over. arsenal can't afford to lose points anymore considering their current league position. it is seldom to happen in football but nothing is impossibe. they are, indeed, sitting on 5th position but they still could win premier league title if they can focus and win every single match they'll play. it is tough, but who says life isn't?

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