Sunday, December 07, 2008

becks gold performance and arsenal's slim win

becks performance was above par during a match between LA Galaxy and oceania all star. although it was only a friendly match, becks had put everything right in its place since the beginning of match. he had numerous efforts to send the ball into the penalty area and successfully assisted his team mate to get the third goal by sending a good cross from a corner. this will be a strong signal to capello and other england team mates that david beckham is not giving up easily and ready to fight for his place no matter what. he may not be playing all matches, but at least he can still give something to the squad. i remember clearly when everything was fall apart, becks was recalled from the bench to replace shaun w.p in the beginning of the second half and helped his team to get an equaliser for england. england may have lost but one thing is lingering in everyone's head, becks can still do it. no matter how hard everyone hit him, he never backs down, instead he put up a fight and finally, win the battle. it's not easy for becks to get to be in the starting line up every now and then considering his age. but an experience player is always nedeed especially in dire situation. later on, i will post a good comment on his performance based on a report by espn soccer net. before i forgot, i need to mention one of article i came across yesterday. it was from a local newspaper and i have no idea where did it get the news from. was it reuters, afp or simpy their own report. it mentioned about becks incapability to be 'crowd puller' in his recent visit to NZ. while he attracted more than 30,000 people last year, this year statistic stood about 20,000 supporters in the stadium. i do not mean to be over defensive, but current economic crisis could have been the cause. there might have been other issues that newspaper failed to pick up before his arrival, we can never know that. i am not sure though about the ticket price, there must have been some logical reasons for lower turn up in NZ. at least, he performed well in that match so guys, shut up already.

moving on to arsenal. they won their match against mid table wigan yesterday and helped the team to get their worthy 3 points. arsenal need to start win again or they will not be able to put pressure on league leaders, liverpool. although the win didn't help arsenal to be in much closer range with their top two rivals, it could be an important stand point for everyone else to see that arsenal are starting to pick up pace. i hope the other three slip up, therefore we can gain some points and eclipse them to win premier league title. i don't remember when was the last time we held the cup up high? it must have been right before former captain patrick vieira departure to inter milan. it is by far, the worst league result for arsenal in 4 years. i don't remember seeing arsenal crumbled to man c by 3 goals to none. anyway, it's already behind us and i do hope for better results up ahead. 2 weeks from now, arsenal will be facing top leaders, liverpool. i don't know what to say or write because i actually don't. the last time i thought about humiliation, pride was all i get. beating chelsea at their home was big. but i didn't see it coming honestly. liverpool are totally different from chelsea on the other hand. not only for quality of their players but also their mental strength. many times i had seen liverpool were nearly defeated but they bounched back to win the match and not just loking for a draw. this sort of thing wenger needs to look into. i don't mean arsenal are mild or anything but so far, we haven't got the attitude to win despite conceading. playing at home has always been an advantage but failing to turn it into a result can only cast arsenal away from the league title.

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