Sunday, December 07, 2008


well, it's not a sad day as everyone had presumed as they had a glimpse on very depressing state of word, not in a physical way actually. we had planned to go to the shopping mall today to take my lil sis 'sick' mp3 player back to its 'home' coz the one she bought was obviously useless. usually mp3 player comes with a player, so a person who uses it has no difficulties in regard of uploading songs from laptop or PC. this little rascal is actually a usb and has the capacity to hold approximately 500 songs in its drive. in spite of its limited capacity, my sis was determined to bring it home. i had a this little doubt that it'd do good to her. my immature assumption earlier proved to be true. it didn't work the way it supposed to be and now to add our frustration we had to walk back to the store and find a replacement to it. this thing could happen regardless, how much we pay for something, just like my lil sister mp3 player for instance. indeed, the more we pay the higher quality we get from it but it doesn't mean no faulty experienced. after much of planning, we decided to go to the place today and have it replaced. what i am about to tell is something so fictious that one could fall off from his/her seat. i have this weird assumption, not the only one of course, explaining a very odd ocassion that is actually happening in my life. i don't know how to put on words since i have difficulties to comprehend this event in sanity perspective. here it goes: i think rain is choosing the right moment to confine me in certain places. in other words, it tries to prevent me from going to places i wanted to. there they go, people. i really mean it and i am not even laughing at the moment. no one should. whenever i decide to go somewhere, it suddenly gathers around and surrounds me like i'm a prisoner. somehow, those grumpy clouds know i am about to leave the house and decides to go along with me. well, the fun part is, i won't get sun burn. i probably going to talk about this some time later since the sun is already shining and i am about to leave. ciao everybody...(051208)

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