Monday, December 08, 2008

big surprise

i wasn't even realized until i finally able to see the picture clearly in laptop. took only few minutes to download when it usually absorb entire joy time i have. the title was confusing yet clarifying that something was up, but still i was far away from catching the big picture. when it had finished downloading, it was the time for me to open it up. and voila! here it was, lying on the floor and ready to be taken away. it is, of course a brand new camera, well not exactly new as it is a used digital camera, my dad has bought for my sister. i don't know how to express my thoughts as i am extremely over joy by the sight of it. can't wait to try it....

it is amazng how joy and happiness could immediately be altered into something else far more ugly. the excitement has gone down the drain and i feel completely pissed off and outraged to an extent of crashing his head.

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